Development  Land

The Town owns and has available industrial subdivision lots (Airport Industrial Park).  Within the urban growth boundary and Town limits, there is a further 500 acres of privately held undeveloped land.  There are also a number of developer owned subdivisions which are being proposed at this stage.  

Industrial - Airport Industrial Park

The "Airport Industrial Park" is a 77 acre site located at the municipal airport approximately 1 km north of the Trans Canada Highway.  The site is serviced by paved RTAC highway and it is comprised of 12 commercial size lots and 3 larger industrial size lots.

The lots can be serviced by water, sewer, electricity and natural gas.

Lot Prices and Incentive Program

Lot prices are negotiable dependent upon proposed development and projected number of new employees.  In addition, all new developments are also eligible for the incentive program details of which are available by following the link below.

Qualifying developments include new commercial or industrial developments as well as major renoivations or expansions undertaken in the ommercial or industrial sectors.

Calculating Your Incentive

Incentive Program Application Form

Incentives are based on the level of capital investment and range up to 100 % rebate of the municipal portion of property taxes for 2 years and 50 % for the third year.


Telephone Enquiries and Site Tour Arrangements

Site tour arrangements and further information is available by contacting the Chief Administrative Officer or the Economic Development Manger at 748-2440. 

In Person Enquiries

Enquiries can also be made in person, at the Town Office, 236 Wellington Street West.