Virden has a diverse business sector with the largest sectors being construction, retail and the service sectors. It also has a large financial and legal services sector and several unique sectors directly related to natural resource extraction (oil).


The unique sectors related to natural resource extraction includes oil industry service companies and other indirect businesses including survey/engineering, oil service companies, heavy construction and trucking.

(Data always changing, not current)


                           CategoryBusiness Sector  Number of Businesses 
1Food 16 
2Accommodations 5 
3Construction 47 
4Oil production 3 
5Retail 45 
6Financial & legal 16 
7Survey /Engineering3 
8Oil Service 12 
9Recreation / Leisure3 
10Household 1 
11Heavy Construction 6 
12Real Estate 3 
13Trucking 4 
14Computer 10 
15Health 6 
16Vehicle Sales 3 
17Service 38 
18Vehicle Service 16 
 TOTAL 237 

















Types and Numbers of Businesses in the Urban Area