Water Supply
            Source:                  2 groundwater wells
            Well Capacity          1300 gpm
            Current Volumes      740 gpm
            Excess Capacity       560 gpm

Water Treatment

           Treatment Process Train (currently under engineering review)
                   Potassium permanganate oxidation
                   Greensand filters
                   Activated Charcoal Sand Filter (at 370 gpm)
                   Cartridge Filters at 305 gpm plus 65 gpm as overflow water
                   Reverse Osmosis Membrane Separation (at 305 gpm)
                                                               228 gpm as permeate
                                                               77 gpm to discharge
                   Blending of permate and overflow water (228 gpm + 65 gpm)
                   Fluoridation and Chlorination
                   Sequestering Agent

          System Capacity                370 gpm without RO treatment
                                                        532,000 gpd
                                                 293 gpm with RO treatment
                                                        421,920 gpd

          Daily Consumption          173 gpm average or 250,000 gals. per day

Over Capacity 120 gpm average or 172,800 gals. per day
(based on RO treatment rate)

Wastewater treatment

          Treatment Process Train (currently under engineering review)
                    Deep Well Oxidation

          System Capacity                  approximately 500,000 gpd

          Average Daily Volumes         250,000 gpd

          Excess capacity                    approximately 250,000 gpd


          Electrical Power
               Grid Line Voltage
                        Residential                5.94 cents per kwh
                        Small Industrial 
                             First 11,00 kwh      6.18 cents per kwh
                             Next 8500 kwh       4.00 cents per kwh
                             Remaining            2.55 cents per kwh
                        Medium Industrial       2.55 cents per kwh
                        Large Industrial
                             < 30 kV                2.38 cents per kwh
                             30 - 100 kV          2.29 cents per kwh
                             > 100 kV              2.26 cents per kwh

          Natural Gas

               Transmission Line Size
                             Operating Pressure
                             Residential             29.32 cents per cubic meter
                             Non-residential        27.9 cents per cubic meter