Council meets the first & third Tuesday of each month at 7:30pm in the Council Chambers
Community & Protective Services Committee                                                   

Members:       Careme, Chacun, Schneider, CAO, Mgr of Rec Facilities        

Dates:            2nd & 4th Thursday monthly                

Time:              11:00 a.m. 


Planning and Finance Committee                                                  

Members:       Committee of the Whole, CAO, EDM 

Dates:               2nd & 4th Tuesday monthly           

Time:                 5:00 p.m. 


Transportation and Sewer & Water Committee                                                                     

Members:        Penner, Girardin, Wright, CAO, PW Foreman, WW Manager       

Dates:               3rd Thursday monthly           

Time:                 5:00 p.m. 


Inter-Municipal Relations Committee
Members:       Penner, Careme, Girardin       



Border Regional Library                                                                                       

Appointees:               Wright (at large), Vacant, Jennifer Abel

2nd Monday - 7:30pm


Prairie West Recreation District                                 

Appointees:               Wright

4th Wednesday, 7:00 p.m.; 6-7 times/year


Virden Veterinary Services District                                   

Appointees:              Schneider

Call of the chair. 6 times per year.


Wallace District Fire Board                                                

Appointees:                Schneider (alternate Penner)


Trans Canada West Planning District                               

Appointees:               Careme, Penner (alternates Chacun/McConnell)

1st Thursday


Virden Cemetery Improvement Association                      

Report on a quarterly basis


Town of Virden Airport Commission                                

Appointees:               McConnell

Annual  7:00am


Doctor Recruitment and Retention                                 

Appointees:               Chacun 

Call of the chair. Monthly - 4:00pm


Westman Emergency Management Plan                  

Appointees:              Girardin

Monday - Monthly during the winter only


Assiniboine Municipal Health Committee

Appointees:                Careme

Call of the chair



Virden Centennial Housing Corporation - Princess Lodge              

Appointees:                Wright – at large Karen McKinnon

4th Monday


Seniors Access to Independent Living            

Appointees:                Chacun 

2nd Wednesday - 9:15 am


Virden Theatre Board            

Appointees:                McConnell

2nd Monday - Evening


Sherwood Handi-Van Committee           

Appointees:                Chacun 


Pioneer Home Museum            

Appointees:               Girardin

4th Monday. Winter (afternoons), Summer (evenings)


Virden Employment Skills Centre            


Report on a quarterly basis