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Public Notice - Water Quality Advisory  

Arsenic Fact Sheet

WATER - Treatment and Supply Summary

            WATER SUPPLY

                        Source:                                   2 Groundwater wells

                        Pumping Capacity                  650 gpm each                                          

                        Current Volumes                    740 gpm total

                        Over Capacity                         560 gpm



                        Treatment Process 

  1. Reverse Osmosis
  2. Chlorination
  3. Fluoridation
  4. pH Adjustment
  5. Sequestering Agent  


                        System Capacity                     293 gpm

                        Current Consumption              173 gpm

                        Over Capacity                         120 gpm


WASTEWATER - Treatment Summary

              WASTEWATER TREATMENT         

 Treatment Process 

  1. Flocculation
  2. Skimmers
  3. Deep Well Oxidation

                        System Capacity                 approx. 500,000 gpd

                        Average Daily Volumes    approx. 250,000 gpd


Annual Water Reports

The Town of Virden provide these reports to its rate payers as an overview of the water treatment facility's current status. If you have any comments or concerns, please call the town office during business hours, and we will attempt to answer any questions you may have. For a complete list of all test results, records are available at the office and will be posted on this website in the very near future.


2007 Water Treatment Report  (PDF file)

2008 Water Treatment Report (PDF file)

2009 Water Treatment Report (PDF file)

2010 Water Treatment Report

2011 Water Treatment Report

2012 Water Treatment Report

2013 Water Treatment Report 



Water Line Freeze Policy

Aqua Flo Installation Policy and Procedure

Emergency Contact: 851-5540