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    The Spirit of Growth: Virden Multi-Purpose Recreation Facility 

    Some say a community can be measured by the spirit of its people.  It’s the undercurrent of energy that bonds and builds a community on the shoulders of its people.  In March 2010, the people of Virden and surrounding communities will build again upon these foundations as construction begins on the new multi-purpose recreation facility.  Boasting a 1,200 seat hockey arena, 500 seat banquet hall, fitness facility, walking track, four sheet curling club, administrative, retail and concession areas, the facility promises to highlight the integrity of the people while building a stronger, sustainable future for the community at large.

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    Banquet Hall


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    History of Current Recreation Facilities

    The Town of Virden currently operates an arena, built in the 1950’s, and an outdoor pool.  Three different service clubs operate individual halls and the Virden Curling Club operates a four sheet curling rink.  The arena and curling rink are nearing the practical end of their useful and economical life, while the halls are not adequate in size to meet the needs of the citizens in the area. 


    Public Consultation

    The Town of Virden held a public meeting with   approximately 200 citizens in attendance that included facility user group representatives, seniors and youth groups and partnering municipalities.  A community needs analysis was prepared following this meeting determining that the community would like to establish a multi-use recreation complex that can provide recreation and social based programming that is   currently not available in Virden and area.  Following that, a number of meetings were held with the various user groups of the facility and grounds to establish their individual needs. 


    Proposed Site

    The new facility will be located in the area of the existing recreation facilities and designed in such a manner that the existing curling rink can be added on in the future if necessary.  The Town is working on a long-term design for this area so that the majority of the recreation opportunities in the community will be located on this site, including the soccer fields, ball diamonds, and other outdoor events including the agricultural activities.  


    Proposed Facility

    Located in the Town of Virden, the multi-purpose facility is being designed to accommodate a hockey arena, with a minimum of 1,200 individual seats, and a walking track on the concourse, a 500 seat banquet hall that can be divided into three separate sections for the hosting of smaller meetings and events, with kitchen facilities, a fitness centre, and a four sheet curling club facility with lounge and canteen area.  Also included in the common area for administration offices, concessions, lounging space, retails sales space and additional offices.  


    Operating Costs 

    The building is being designed to a LEED Silver standard.  The engineer has indicated that the Town will see a payback on the mechanical portion of the installation within five years when the maintenance portion of the budget will decrease dramatically and allow for a preventative maintenance program to be put in place.  This program will also result in better utilization of staff resources as they will not be spending their time constantly repairing the building and equipment. 


    Donations are welcome at: 

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