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Animal Control

Animal Control Officer
Ernie Hey
(204) 851-1810

Animal Control within the Town of Virden is regulated by By-Law No. 2614 and is enforced by Animal Control Officers.

Animal Control By-Law

License Fees (Annual) – and Related Changes

For each spayed female or neutered male dog or cat$5.00
For each dog or cat  that is not spayed or neutered$10.00

Animals Not To Run At Large

Pursuant to section 5(1) of Town of Virden By-Law No. 2614:

Except when permitted by a municipal by-law passed in accordance with The Municipal Act, or a by-law of a local government district passed in accordance with The Local Governments Districts Act, no owner or person in charge of an animal shall allow it to run at large.

2021 Crow & Nuisance Bird Program

The 2021 crow control program will be commencing shortly.

Qualified volunteers have been authorized to discharge firearms within Town Limits during the day time hours, 7 days a week.

Volunteers are authorized to discharge firearms on Sundays from 1:00 p.m. to dusk. Volunteers will be working throughout the community and they will carry letters of authorization with them.

Please direct crow related complaints to the Town Office at (204) 748-2440. Volunteers cannot respond to verbal complaints.

Animal Complaints