Revitalization Plan - Virden Boost Committee & HTFC Planning & Design

Thank you for visiting the Virden Commercial Districts Revitalization Project Page. The final report can be viewed by clicking the link below. The Virden Boost Committee will be working with Council going forward on the implementation of this plan.

Virden Revitalization Final Plan 2021

Please see full project details on this page and feel free to provide any comments you have to Please provide your feedback before the close of this final engagement session which will end on August 23rd - 
Rachelle Kirouac, MALA, CSLA - Landscape Architect - HTFC

July 28th, 2021

The final Revitalization Plan was completed by HTFC Planning & Design April 2021. Due to a major shift in Covid restrictions, the Virden Boost Committee had to table the open house on this project. We are now very excited to show off the final design to the community by taking a different approach to the open house traditional format.

For more information about the Open House and Final Plan please see the links below.

News Release July 28th, 2021 - Virden Revitalization Plan

Revitalization Plan Final Draft

Revitalization Plan Open House Boards

Further comments to the Final Plan can be emailed to Rachelle at 

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